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Rod Rosenstein Rips Obama Administration Post-Mueller Report

President Trump has found himself an odd ally in Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein, who is the current Deputy Attorney General the one that assigned Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel, blasted former President Obama at a private function over his lack of transparency about Russian election hacking.

Raised Eyebrows

Rosenstein made quite a few statements Thursday night during his private speech that still have people buzzing.

First and foremost were his very critical statements about President Obama and how the administration chose to address the Russian election meddling.

Rosenstein stated the administration chose to “not publicize the full story.”

I have beat that horse to death, so I won’t go into it again, but the fact Rosenstein is now publicly chirping bodes very badly for not only Obama but other Justice Department officials serving at the time.

At the top of that list is none other than former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey Exposed

While Rosenstein’s comments were not as scathing as the Obama comments, Rosenstein clearly holds Comey in less than high regard.

Rosenstein stated, “The FBI disclosed classified evidence about the investigation to ranking legislators and their staffers.

“Someone selectively leaked details to the news media.

“The FBI Director [James Comey] announced at a congressional hearing that there was a counterintelligence investigation that might result in criminal charges.

“Then the former FBI director alleged that the President pressured him to close the investigation, and the President denied that the conversation occurred.”

President Trump has been critical of Rosenstein but by all accounts, he was just doing his job.

Where everyone would have liked to see him do better was in getting Mueller to stay on point and move the investigation along quicker.

He truly was in a no-win situation after then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation.

The moment Sessions did that, he sealed not only his fate but also that of Rosenstein.

In two months, Rosenstein will be gone and based on that speech, there is a LOT more to come.

Source: Fox News

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